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F. L. A. S. H.

F. L. A. S. H, or Flashing Lights and Amplified Sound Housing, is a device you can attach to any foam dart blaster of your choice! With it, you can add your own sound effects, and barrel lighting with full RGB control. F. L. A. S. H. adds a whole new level of personalization to any foam dart blaster!

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Project Phases

Part 1: Design

Solidworks Design Picture.png

Part 1 is all about designing and modeling the device, which is done using Solidworks

Part 2: Fabrication

Part 2 is for building the actual device. This involves a good bit of 3D printing and soldering!


Part 3: Programming

Part 3 is programming the device, which is powered by an Arduino Uno.

Part 4: Presentation

August 15th, 2023

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